True Grit Blu-Ray (1969) (Region A) (Hong Kong Version)

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True Grit Blu-Ray (1969) (Region A) (Hong Kong Version)

Region Coding: Region A (Locked)

John Wayne
Robert Duvall
Dennis Hopper
Darby Kim
Strother Martin
Ryder Alfred
Corey Jeff
Slate Jeremy
Soble Ron
Glen Campbell

Henry Hathaway

Audio Tracks: 

DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital 5.1


English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Hungarian

English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, French, German, Portuguese, Italian , Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Greek, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dutch, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Romanian, Latin, Indian, Serbian, Lithuanian

Running Time: 
128 minutes

Intercontinental Video Ltd. (IVL) HK

Release Date:
18 Jan 2011

In 1970 , John Wayne earned an Academy Award for his larger-than-life performance as the drunken , uncouth and totally fearless one-eyed U.S. Marshal , Rooster Cogburn . The cantankerous Rooster is hired by a headstrong young girl (Kim Darby) to find the man who murdered her father and fled with the family savings . When Cogburn’s employer insists on accompanying the old gunfighter , sparks fly . And the situation goes from troubled to disastrous when the inexperienced but enthusiastie Texas Ranger (Glen Campbell) joins the party . Laughter and tears punctuate the wild action in this extraordinary Western which features performances by Robert Duvall and Strother Martin

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  • True Grit Blu-Ray (1969) (Region A) (Hong Kong Version)

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