You Are My Sunshine (2006) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) Korean movie

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You Are My Sunshine (2006) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) Korean movie

Region Coding: Region 3 (Locked)

Jeon Do-youn
Hwang Jung-min

Park Jin Pyo

Audio Tracks: 

DTS Extended Surround
Dolby Digital EX
THX Surround



English, Traditional Chinese

Running Time: 
122 minutes

Asia Video Publishing (AVP)

Release Date:
7 Jul 2006

Suk-jung (Hwang Jung-min), a simple country fellow, falls instantly in love with the beautiful Eun-ha (Jeon Do-yung) when he sees her working at a local coffee shop. Even when Suk-jung realizes Eun-ha provides more service to the male customers than just coffee, he doesn't let that hinder his love for her. Ignoring the stares and rumors from his neighbors, Suk-jung asks Eun-ha for her hand in marriage. Eun-ha, who doesn't believe in love at first, slowly starts to open up to Suk-jung's sincerity. Just when they start to live happily as man and wife, Eun-ha's dark past comes back to haunt them. Their future grows even bleaker when Suk-jung finds out that she has contracted the HIV virus. Unable to handle the guilt of her past, Eun-ha leaves Suk-jung, with only a farewell note waiting for him. Distraught and depressed, Suk-jung starts to frantically search for her.
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  • You Are My Sunshine (2006) (Region 3 DVD) (English Subtitled) Korean movie

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