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The Bodyguard (2016) Sammo Hung

Posted by Bad Panda on April 01, 2016 (0 Comments)

Director: Sammo Hung
Starring: Sammo Hung (Rise Of The Legend, Choy Lee Fut, Eastern Condors, Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon), Andy Lau (As Tears Go By, Lee Rock, A Simple Life), Yuen Biao (Winners & Sinners, Righting Wrongs, The Millionaires' Express), Zhu Yuchen, Li Qinqin, Feng Shaofeng (Wolf Totem, Young Detective Dee: Rise of The Sea Dragon 3D), Jacqueline Chen, Hu Jun, Eddie Peng (Unbeatable, Love You You), Song Jia, Tsui Hark (Final Victory), Karl Maka (Aces Go Places 3), Dean Shek (Beware Of Pickpockets), Yuen Qiu (Kung Fu Hustle), Yuen Wah (Vampire Warriors), Yuen Ting, Yuen Bo

1st April 2016 in Hong Kong cinemas

movie trailer (English subtitled)

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