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Never Gone 致青春。原來你還在這裡 (2016) China movie

Posted by Bad Panda on October 06, 2016 (0 Comments)

Director: Zhou Tuo Ru 周拓如
Starring: Kris Wu 吳亦凡 (Somewhere Only We Know, The Mermaid), Crystal Liu Yifei 劉亦菲 (A Chinese Ghost Story 2010, The Four Trilogy, Love In Disguise), Qiao Ren Liang 喬任梁, Li Meng 李夢, Jin Shijia 金世佳, Li Qin 李沁, Hao Shaowen 郝劭文, Ran Chen 陳燃

6 Oct 2016 in Hong Kong cinemas

movie trailer (English subtitled)

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