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Tales from the Occult:Body and Soul (2023) 失衡凶間之罪與殺

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Directors 導演: Frank Hui Hok Man 許學文 (Trivisa), Daniel Chan Yee Heng 陳翊恆, Doris Wong 黃千殷
Starring 演員: Karena Lam 林嘉欣 (Inner Senses, Heaven In The Dark, July Rhapsody), Michelle Wai 衛詩雅 (Walk with Me, All my goddess, A Beautiful Moment), Terrance Lau Chun Him 劉俊謙 (Beyond the Dream), Cecilia Choi Sze Wan 蔡思韻, Wong Yau Nam 黃又南, Chu Pak Hong 朱栢康, Kevin Chu 朱鑑然, Tony Wu Tsz Tung 胡子彤

With three unspeakable crime stories – Rapunzel, Cheshire Cat and Tooth Fairy – Body and Soul, from obsession to madness, triggers the dark side of human nature. Expect double the terror and spookiness.

25 May 2023 in Hong Kong cinemas

movie trailer (English sutitled)

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