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The Battle at Lake Changjin (2021) 長津湖 China Military movie

Posted by Bad Panda on November 24, 2021 (0 Comments)

Director: Chen Kaige 陳凱歌 (Legend of the Demon Cat, Sacrifice, Farewell My Concubine), Tsui Hark 徐克 (Journey To The West: The Demons Strike Back, The Taking Of Tiger Mountain, All the Wrong Clues, Working Class), Dante Lam 林超賢 (Operation Red Sea, Operation Mekong)
Starring: Wu Jing 吳京 (The ClimbersWolf Warriors 2, Wolf Warriors), Jackson Yee 易烊千璽 (Better Days), Duan Yihong 段奕宏 (Extraordinary Mission, Home Sweet Home), Zhu Ya Wen 朱亞文, Li Chen 李晨, Hu Jun 胡軍, Zhang Hanyu 張涵予, Huang Xuan 黃軒

11 Nov 2021 in Hong Kong cinemas

movie trailer (English subtitled)

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