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The Night (2020) 異度詭酒店 Persian & English Languages movie

Posted by Bad Panda on December 04, 2021 (1 Comment)

Director: Kourosh Ahari
Starring: Shahab Hosseini (The Salesman), Niousha Noor, Leah Oganyan, Kathreen Khavari, Elester Latham, George Maguire

2 Dec 2021 in Hong Kong cinemas

movie trailer (English & Chinese subtitled)

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Cool list. Before you started I thought to myself Link to the Past would be at the top of my personal list, but wasn’t sure if others would agree. When you got to number 5 and I still hadn’t seen Link, I was sure it had to be number one. When you said Blackthorne I was like WHAAAT!!???? lol Despite your telling us in the intro that it hadn’t made the list. Made me laugh out loud. Loved the vid. Thought the choices were great, the commentary was funny and the attention given to each game was just the right length. Awesome job!

Some of my favs that didn’t make the list :-(
- Super Punch-Out
- Super Double Dragon
- Breath of Fire
- NBA Jam
- The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

Jayme Silvestri

Posted by Jayme Silvestri on December 09, 2021

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