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Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In (2024) 九龍城寨.圍城 Hong Kong movie

Posted by Bad Panda on May 30, 2024 (0 Comments)

Director 導演: Cheang Pou Soi 鄭保瑞 (Limbo, SPL2)
Starring 演員: Louis Koo 古天樂 (Death Notice, The White Storm 3, Troublesome Night), Raymond Lam 林峯 (Saving General Yang, P Storm), Sammo Hung 洪金寶 (Spooky Encounters, Winners & Sinners, The Magnificent Butcher), Richie Jen 任賢齊 (Bodies At Rest, Fly Me To Polaris), Terrance Lau 劉俊謙 (Beyond the Dream, Tales from the Occult: Body and Soul), Kenny Wong 黃德斌, Wu Tsz Tung Tony 胡子彤, Philip Ng 伍允龍

1 May 2024 in Hong Kong cinemas

movie trailer (English subtitled)

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